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At Denali BioSolutions we are dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly farming practices and offer organic growing solutions to a wide variety of growers. All of our products are naturally sourced organic fertilizers and soil amendments that help compliment sustainable farming & agriculture. Our YieldBuilder™ product is a microbial soil inoculant and organic worm tea that uses natural worm biology to enhance root and plant health and put biologic life back into your soil. Our OMRI certified worm castings and worm teas are loaded with beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and other natural microorganisms. This natural biology helps with plant growth by enhancing root health, faster seed germination, soil aeration, the break down nutrients in the soil, increase water holding capacity and help with pests & disease. These microbes form a symbiotic relationship with your soil and plants to increase plant health and promote larger yields.

Our products are extremely popular among organic farmers looking for chemical free alternatives. Hydroponic growers rave about plant health and higher yields by introducing much needed biology into their systems. Cannabis & marijuana growers can benefit by adding beneficial and natural biology into their soils. Farmers and big agriculture can help reduce soil degradation and improve their yields by introducing biological life back into their soils, much of this biology is often lost by traditional or chemical farming practices. Home gardeners have seen great results by adding our powerful worm biology into potted plants and raised beds that lack naturally occurring worm biology.

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Denali BioSolutions Mission Statement

We are committed to a sustainable future and improving the social, economic and environmental well-being in the markets we serve. We believe in a grassroots movement to clean up the food chain and promote a clean and natural growing solutions. We want to work with like minded growers and farmers to promote sustainable agriculture practices. Our Company’s foundation is built on a set of values that focus on positive actions and promote organic & biologic solutions to complex problems.