Who We Are

Denali BioSolutions is an organic fertilizer and soil amendment company formed to take advantage of the growing demand for organic dairy, fruits, vegetables, turf management and row crop agriculture. As a socially responsible company we will produce economically viable products which in turn support sustainable food production, facilitate organic land management practices, and capitalize on the growing demand for “Organic” liquid fertilizers and soil amendments.

With the scale and quality of the products produced, we are well-positioned to become a primary supplier of high value custom Organic fertilizer products in high demand today. Our Company is committed to social, environmental, and financial stability.

What We Do

Our Company sells organic OMRI certified worm castings and manufactures a unique line of premium liquid fertilizer and soil amendment products. Our business model is unique because we create cost-efficient liquid products and custom fertilizer blends from custom core products using a modular system approach. Modularizing allows us to produce large quantities of core products that in turn become custom blends for specific needs, such as soil remediation, growth enhancement, growth media, conversion to liquid fertilizers/inoculants, and enhanced biologics.

Our commercialized, large-scale production process creates excellent, consistent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. Worm castings benefits include:

1. Naturally organic, odor free and non-toxic;
2. Improved soil aeration, nutrition, microbial activity, and water-holding capacity;
3. Enhanced plant growth, crop yields, and root growth & structure;
4. Control plant fungus issues and stimulate plant insect repellency;
5. Mixed directly into soil, or steeped in water to create a compost “tea”

Denali BioSolutions History

Our parent organization, Denali Companies, Inc. was founded in 2007, capitalizing on our real estate development expertise to successfully develop a massive utility-scale wind farm. During that project, Denali Energy expanded its renewable energy portfolio to include solar and biomass energy. To leverage our biomass energy resources, reusable materials and agricultural expertise, we recently formed Denali BioSolutions, which acquired IntelliGrowth Industries to diversify into the now rapidly growing biologic, organic fertilizer and soil amendment industry. Denali’s unique portfolio positions us well to expand product development, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural products and technologies throughout the entire USA and then the world.