Worm Tea Irrigation For Organic Farms, Hemp Farmers & Greenhouses

Denali BioSolutions is partnering with Greater Earth Organics to deliver high quality worm tea directly into your irrigation system. Brewed onsite and offering high numbers of beneficial biology ready to be added to your fields or greenhouses. The GEOTEA machine excels in aeration because it utilizes a high output air pump in a relatively shallow (30”) tank with a lot of surface area. Beyond that, the GEOTEA machine incorporates “wave-form technology” on the water surface which mimics the wave action in whitewater rapids. This organized movement of water entrains oxygen at the surface, much like the whitewater effect in a river or waves on a beach.

Mobile Irrigation Services

We will travel to your farm or greenhouse and brew our custom designed worm tea right on site for delivery into your irrigation system. A freshly brewed worm tea is the key to adding the most biology into your soil to improve overall soil health and increase yields. Made from all organic inputs our worm tea is 100% organic and made from OMRI certified worm castings. Our availability is limited so please call or contact us to reserve an application this summer.

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