A Great Organic Fertilizer Loaded With Beneficial Biology

Denali worm castings have a broad and diverse biological load that generates the highest measurable “N” cycling potential for soil amendments. Quality control methodology is utilized to ensure consistency from batch to batch to offer you the best natural fertilizer possible. This natural vermiculture offers a wide variety of benefits to your soil and your plants including active biology that work with your plants and soil to help in a number of ways. Denali worm castings are loaded with microbes, bacteria, fungi, amoeba, protozoa and nematodes. This natural life works in a symbiotic relationship with your plants to help break down nutrients, increase water retention, soil aeration and can help prevent disease. Worm casting humus also has the amazing ability to absorb toxins and harmful bacteria to help improve overall plant health. On top of all the previously mentioned positive attributes worm castings also include a full spectrum of minerals and nutrients like potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron and carbon. Unlike chemical fertilizers where you see a burst of growth and then little after, worm castings offer a natural slow release of nutrients that sustain and feed your plants throughout the growing season. All of our castings are OMRI certified organic.

30lbs Bag Denali
Organic Worm Castings

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50lbs Bag Denali
Organic Worm Castings

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1 Ton Tote Denali
Organic Worm Castings

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