Organic Worm Tea – Microbial Inoculant & Soil Amendment

YieldBuilder™ is a microbial liquid soil amendment that establishes healthier roots and increases water-holding capacity of the soil. Our concentrated dormant worm casting tea has an extended shelf life, improves plant uptake of nutrients and inoculates plants against pests and disease. Features all the benefits of DBS OMRI-listed worm castings and more, including microbes that improve soil structure and bolster plant strength to generate more blossoms and more fruit. Replaces harmful chemicals, is environmentally friendly, and is NOP compliant for use in organic growing operations. Cost-effective application for irrigation systems and can be used for soil soak, foliar spray, root-drench, and hydroponic applications.

1 Gallon YieldBuilder™ Concentrate

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YieldBuilder™ Mixing Instructions & Dilution Rates

Step #1 Calculate: Calculate how much YieldBuilder Concentrate you will need. The most common final dilution ratio is 1:3. Which means your final volume of biofertilizer, will be 1/8 part YieldBuilder concentrate.

Example: Grandma uses 1 gallon of water for her plants every day. Pouring directly on the soil daily, she will need a 1:3 final dilution. Grandma needs 16 oz of YieldBuilder concentrate, or 1/8 of a gallon. 

Step #2 Activate: Mix our YieldBuilder microbial solution 1:1 with well, or other pure (non-fluoridated or chlorinated) water, then add the 1/4 tsp of activator granules for every 10 ounces of concentrate. This process wakes up the biology and the extra water/space gives the microbes more room to reproduce and grow before adding them to your soil, spray or hydro system. Please give the activator 10 minutes before final dilution.

Example: Grandma will add 16 oz (1/8 gal.) YieldBuilder concentrate to 16 oz (1/8 gal.) well, spring, distilled or reverse osmosis water. Then she will add approx 1/3 teaspoon YieldBuilder Activator to that 32 ounces of concentrate. After waiting at least 10 minutes, Grandma now has 32 ounces of activated YieldBuilder Concentrate.

Step #3 Dilute:
Mix to final dilution using chart.

Method of Application Application Frequency
Monthly Weekly Daily Continuous
(hydroponics & drip irrigation)
Soil Soak 1:1 1:2 1:3 1:50
Foliar Spray 1:2 1:3 1:5
Root Drench 1:50

Example: Grandma will fill the rest of her watering jug with well water, or other pure water, adding 3/4 gallon to her 1/4 gallon activated YieldBuilder concentrate. Giving her one gallon of YieldBuilder biofertilizer mixed at a 1:3 final dilution.

Step #4 Apply: Apply final solution to plants and/or soil like normal watering cycle. If outdoors try to apply after 4pm, allowing the biofertilizer to soak in, and reproduce, before being exposed to a full day of harmful UV rays.

Example: Grandma watered her outdoor flowers in the late afternoon. She poured the YieldBuilder biofertilizer right at the base of her flowers like normal watering.

*Please see YieldBuilder Bulk for large scale agriculture dilutions, and broadcast application rates

More About YieldBuilder™ Worm Tea

Produced using the finest ingredients – Denali OMRI-Listed Worm Castings

  • 85% Casting purity
  • 5x the Active Bacteria over the high normal
  • 3x the Amoeba and Protoza over the high normal
  • 1.5 Billion Active Bacteria/cf
  • Over 7 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units)
  • Highest quality castings of the 4 major suppliers
  • Denali Worm Castings utilizes a proprietary blend of feed along with the best worms in a highly efficient controlled commercial operation to produce its superior product

Every Batch of YieldBuilder is tested to assure quality & consistency

  • Tested for active biologic levels before suspending the activating biologics
  • Each bottle is guaranteed for 12 months shelf life if stored out of sunlight, within 40-80 degrees F
  • 1-gallon bottle of concentrate produces 50 gallons of ready-to-use diluted worm tea
  • 6  1-gallon bottles per carton, 27 cartons per pallet (162 gallons), 30 pallets/truckload (4,860 gallons)