When yogurt maker Dannon announced in 2016 that it would transition its products to non-GMO verified, they had to rely on farmers to provide non-GMO feed for the dairy cows that produce milk for its yogurt. One of those farmers is Rick Clark, a fifth generation farmer in Warren County, Indiana.

Clark produces non-GMO corn for Dannon but he does much more than that. He has developed a unique system for building soil health, while producing profitable cash crops. Clark’s farm offers a practical, proven example of how regenerative farming methods can transform agriculture.

Rick Clark’s family has lived on the farm since the 1880s. Today it encompasses 7000 acres. Like many large Midwest farms, Clark’s farm produces corn and soybeans. But the similarities end there. Clark uses diverse crop rotations, which help to reduce weeds and insects, while also reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

“Diversification drives the system,” he says.

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