The Beneficial Biology in Worm Castings & Microbial Soil Amendments

Farmers and scientists are starting to get a much stronger grasp on soil health and how naturally occurring biological life & microorganisms in the soil benefits our plants in a number of ways. This microbiology also plays a large role in the nutrient cycles that are critical to supporting plant life and improving sustainability of our soils. This essential biodiversity interacts with the organic matter to unlock nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the plant, help with aeration and introduce more oxygen into the ground and aid with water retention in the soil itself. The vast numbers of microorganisms also form a very complex and unique symbiotic relationship with the plants including carbon cycling, removing toxins from the soil, suppression of plant diseases and a number of other benefits we are just beginning to understand. Read more about how biologic and microbial life support soil health.

Organic Worm Castings As A Fertilizer

  • Worm castings contain an active and alive mixture of biodiversity including bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae, nematodes, protozoa & viral compounds.
  • Worm castings are packaged with a full spectrum of minerals like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon to take care of all of your plants needs.
  • Worm casting biology can work as a barrier when PH levels in your soil get too high or low, they can also reduce acid forming carbon to keep your soil in balance.
  • Worm castings can remove heavy metals, toxins and pollution from the soil along with fighting off harmful fungi, bacteria and nematodes promote better plant and root health.
  • Worm castings & the microbial life in them can help promote soil aeration, water retention and reduce soil erosion.

Worm Casting Soil Results

About Our Worms – African Wigglers (aka Eudrilus Eugeniae)

Our African Nightcrawlers range in size from 3 inches to 9 inches long and create the most nutrient rich worm castings on earth. These are the olympic athletes of the worm world, offering rapid growth, maturation and the greatest number of cocoons per week. African Nightcrawlers also produce a larger and more uniform casting, with higher levels of microbiology and nutrients. Our worms live in a temperature controlled environment, we use only the best bedding our biologists could find and they are fed a secret all natural/organic diet formulated to produce the most beneficial biodiversity for our worm castings and worm tea.

Non-invasive, our worm castings are stored indoors in bins so there is little chance for escape. African Nightcrawlers cannot survive the Minnesota winters so there is little to no chance of these  guys escaping or causing any harm to the environment.

YieldBuilder™ – The Science Behind Soil Amendments & Soil Inoculants

Our YieldBuilder™ product is a microbial liquid soil amendment/inoculant that is created from our high quality worm castings. Offering all the biological and microorganisms of worm castings without the bulk. Our system was developed by Dr. Bill Selkirk, a PhD chemist & animal nutritionist expert who works in R&D for Sterling Agriculture providing product manufacturing & agronomy consultation, along with new product development.

We have perfected our worm tea & soil amendment process to extract and concentrate the active and beneficial biology and microbial life in worm castings. We then render the biology dormant with a shelf life tested up to 12 months and beyond, this biology can then be reactivated with a natural accelerator (included in your purchase) at a later date for use in your in your growing operation. Our concentrate first needs to be mixed with equal parts water so the accelerator and the living biology then has room to grow and expand. After that you can dilute our concentrate in any range from 10/1 to 50/1 depending on your soils needs. Our reactivation rate has been lab tested at an amazing 80% and once this beneficial biology hits your soil you can see further expansion as it feeds on the organic matter unlocking nutrients need for plant growth and higher yields.

YieldBuilder™ – Lab Tested Results & Biologic Content

YieldBuilder™ After Brew

During our brewing process we extract the beneficial biology from our organic worm castings and concentrate it for use in your growing operation.

YieldBuilder™ Before Activation

We render the biological life dormant with a shelf life of 12 months or more, allowing you to use our product without time constraints.

YieldBuilder™ After Activation

Finally upon reactivation of YieldBuilder™ you can see the biology come back to life and even begin to grow and expand before adding it to your soil.

YieldBuilder™ Active Biology Testing Results

Watch the video to see our amazing results, not only can our YieldBuilder™ soil amendment be re-activated, the biology can thrive and multiply offering all the microbial benefits found in worm castings without all the extra bulk.

3rd Party Soil Health Education & Resoruces

Don’t want to take our word for it? Who can blame you, will decades worth of corporate science clouding things from nutrition to farming we encourage people to do their own research. Below are numerous links and studies that cover everything from worm biology, farming & and soil health.