Fertilizer and plant nutrition play a major role in crop yield, and profits. With the cannabis industry on the rise, there are many new farmers and growers learning the ins and outs of this new cash crop. With 50% of CBD users preferring to vaporize their medication, it has become more important than ever, to be mindful of what we are putting on our plants. Heat and pressure can do nasty things to chemicals, we otherwise thought to be completely harmless on our plants. The simplest solution is to go away with the harsh chemicals and utilize a cost effective, and productive, organic alternative. According to Ohio State University, worm castings are the fertilizer of the future.

The USDA also says that worm castings are” several times higher in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium than topsoil”. The nutrients in all-natural worm castings are substantial and they provide the perfect mix that cannabis plants need.

Worm castings are not a new development. We used to price land according to the number of worms in the soil. It has been the issue of cultivating worms, and separating their castings from the soil. On top of the work involved with that, you still need to get tons of product onto your crops and till it in for best results. Through those trials, people have developed “worm tea”, a concentrated form of the nutrients and microbiology found in worm castings. It takes around 48-76 hours to “steep” the worm castings into a “worm tea”. Once that is done you are left with a potent and concentrated liquid fertilizer, that is has to be used within 24 hours. Making “worm tea” hard to scale up, and market on a large scale. Fortunately we have cracked this code are are bringing a shelf stable worm tea to your garden this season.

The bottom line is that worm castings mixed in with your soil will pay big dividends when it comes to harvesting cannabis.

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