2019 is a big year for microbial pesticides and fertilizers. Many farmers and home gardeners are looking to use these products in hopes of improving their success. But with so many products hitting the market, how do you know which one will work for you? Ohio State University has been doing much research into just that. They recommend educating yourself, and doing as much research as you can. There is much evidence to support the use, and of efficacy of, biostimulants in the garden; but proper application and handling can make, or break, your attempts.

Many companies offer vague, or very often, no directions as to how to use their product. Others make claims with no evidence to support such bold statements. With that more companies are coming forward with easier to use products, and stable shelf lives. One thing to never forget, is that you are purchasing living organisms, and they need to be cared for as such. Ask questions, do your research, some companies offer much insight and third- party information. Don’t be afraid to ask for lab results, or ingredients lists; there should be no reason for them to deny you that information.

Taking all of this in mind, Denali Biosolutions is offering an easy-to-use, shelf stable biofertilizer for 2019. We have done third party testing, and clinical trials. From head agronomists, to microbiologists, we have worked with many institutions to bring you YieldBuilder. With ingredients and directions clearly printed on every bottle, you can feel confident in using YieldBuilder.




Read More: https://cpb-us-w2.wpmucdn.com/u.osu.edu/dist/9/24091/files/2016/12/Microbial-Biostimulants-in-Grower-Toolboxes-1dfwztj.pdf