When developing YieldBuilder™ we sought to bring you the best biofertilizer we could create. In our search for the best, we found a way to introduce more disease fighting microbes to your plants and gardens. Teaming up with Sterling Agriculture, Inc., we developed an organic microbe inoculant that works symbiotically with our worm tea and your crops.

Both Sterling Agriculture, Inc. and Denali Biosolutions’ focus is the farmer. Bill and Becca Selkirk, the founders of Sterling Agriculture, Inc. have spent a lifetime researching and developing agricultural inputs. For well over a decade, those efforts have been aimed at organic farming. That is because they are organic farmers themselves. Their ties to the community are deep and heartfelt. They understand the challenges faced by farmers today. That understanding fuels the company, and made partnering with them all the easier.

Microbial inoculants, also known as soil inoculants, are agricultural amendments that use beneficial endophytes (a plant, especially a fungus, which lives inside another plant) to promote plant health. Many of the microbes involved form symbiotic relationships with the target crops where both parties benefit. We worked with Sterling Agriculture, Inc. to bring you a microbial inoculant that works with most every plant, and helps fight many pathogens plaguing gardens and fields. The inoculant in YieldBuilder™ has been designed, and proven, to fight and defend against root rot and pythium, powdery mildew, take-all, leaf spot, and many others.

Our inoculant doesn’t fight these pathogens alone, they create a symbiotic relationship with your plants and crops. They help stimulate phytohormone production, and induce Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) against pathogens and disease. Those relationships aid the plant in dealing with abiotic stresses like wind, moisture levels, light levels and temperature, too.  It is the phytohormones that are responsible for the plant’s metabolism, and stress response mechanisms.

Whether looking to fend off diseases, or fight already existing conditions, YieldBuilder™ with its Sterling Agriculture, Inc. inoculant is the secret weapon you need in your gardening arsenal. From seeds to harvest, we can help you in this never-ending battle against zoological pathogens and plant disease.


Sterling Agriculture website:  https://sterlingagriculture.com/