With spring gardens right around the corner, we are eagerly stocking up on potting and planting supplies. As we are preparing our bed plans for edibles and herbs, we raise the question, “is this fertilizer safe to eat?”. Organic fertilizer is the obvious choice, but then I’m putting manure on my food. Having long been the standard in organic fertilizer, manure is smelly, messy, and adds a lot of bulk to our beds. Liquid manure helped solve some of the bulk issues, but is hard to produce and transport. Worm castings have long been the super manure of the organic fertilizer world, and worm tea has brought it to a liquid, easily applied solution.

Worm compost tea is high in beneficial organisms, bacteria and microbes and are extremely rich in calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphates, and potash that is plant nutrient ready and by far the best fertilizer available for garden or nursery.

YieldBuilder brings you all the benefits of worm tea, in a shelf stable concentrate. No need to raise worms, no need to brew tea, and no need to rush apply it within 24 hours.


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